Join forces to create a colorful web of connections around the planet and protect your home! This two-player game was originally produced for an indie arcade cabinet, spotlighting the work of queer and trans game developers in NYC.

How to play

Meteors are headed for Earth, and our thoughts & prayers won't stop them! But you and your ally can work together to connect pairs of satellites and create protective barriers. Here's how it works:

  1. When you see a meteor (or meteor warning), move towards a satellite of the same color.
  2. Grab the satellite to hold it in place. Don't let go!
  3. Now the other player should grab a matching satellite.
  4. When both players are holding satellites, you're almost done! Create a connection, then release your hold.
  5. Connections can't cross Earth.
  6. Connections will destroy a meteor of the same color, but they're only one-time use, so remember to keep making more!


Move = W-A-S-D (player 1) / arrow keys (player 2)

Grab satellite = Press & hold C (player 1) / M (player 2)

Connect satellites = Space bar (when both players are grabbing satellites)

End game = Backspace or click


There are three difficulty settings, which you can choose on the title screen. (Either click the left and right arrows, or press the left and right arrow keys, when "Start" is selected.) On the easiest level, you will start with more health, and help messages will appear when you seem to be having trouble. On the harder levels, meteors will come faster and more frequently, and some will curve with gravity (instead of moving straight). Whichever level you choose, the game will get more difficult the longer you play. So good luck!

Special thanks Ayla, for her initiative, inspiration, and help workshopping my game design Death By Audio Arcade & The Dreamhouse, for the awesome opportunity to showcase this game in a physical arcade cabinet Emily B, for pairing with me on adding gravity effects

...and to all my wonderful, patient, and insightful playtesters (Phoebe, Danielle, Cameron, Steven, Ben, Bryan, Nicole, Sarah, Emily D, Elsa, Avni, my dad - and more)!

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TagsArcade, asteroid, cooperative, earth, laser, meteor, planet, Queer, Space, Two Player

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